Author: Anders Jälmsjö

Most people call me Samaka which is Arabic and means fish. The nickname comes from when I first came to Hurghada and was working with daily diving. I always gave my divers long time in the water and so every day it was me the boat crews were waiting for before they could let the moorings slide and go home. “Who are we waiting for?” someone would ask and another reply “Alatoul el Samaka” (like always, the fish). I have worked as a dive guide/instructor for many years and I still love every second of it. I have about 3.500 dives in the Red Sea under my belt and I’m still excited every time I’m about to jump in the water. I’m very interested in marine life and try to learn as much as possible about the species I see. If I can’t tell you what it was we saw during our dive, most likely I’ll have the book to find out. Contact me via our website at