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M.Y. Oceanic Sinks After Engine Room Fire

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On 1st March 2024, near Airborek in Central Raja Ampat, liveaboard vessel MY Oceanic caught fire in its engine room, ultimately succumbing to the engulfing flames.

The fire onboard escalated rapidly, prompting a rapid response from both passengers and crew. With efficiency and bravery, all individuals were promptly evacuated using tenders, finding refuge in the nearby village of Airborek. Ensuring their safety remained paramount, a speedboat dispatched from Sorong swiftly retrieved them from the village.

Sea to Sky

MY Oceanic Fire
Image credit: MY Oceanic Liveaboards on Facebook

Safe and Sound

Thankfully, amidst the chaos, there were no casualties reported. All passengers have been relocated to a hotel in Sorong, where they are receiving assistance in arranging necessary documentation and flights for their return home. Similarly, the crew members are undergoing essential bureaucratic procedures before they can also embark on their journey home, expected to transpire within the coming days.



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