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Sea Legend Catches Fire and Sinks in the Red Sea

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We are receiving reports that Sea Legend, operated by Dive Pro Liveaboard, caught fire this week in the Red Sea and sank.

Sea Legend allegedly encountered a fire approximately 3 kilometers off the southern Red Sea coast during a diving excursion.

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UPDATE: We have been been contacted by a number of guests who were onboard Sea Legend at the time and been advised that one diver is still missing. This could not be corroborated at the time of the original article and we incorrectly stated that everyone returned to shore safely. We are currently talking with a number of these guests who are kindly providing some first hand accounts and we will update again in due course.

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The Red Sea Reserves have convened an environmental committee comprised of researchers. Their objective, as of today, Thursday, is to conduct a thorough assessment of the situation. This assessment will entail evaluating the damage inflicted upon the Marahani reefs, quantifying their extent and value, and compiling an environmental report to support legal proceedings and determine appropriate compensation.

Whilst information is quite scarce at the moment, we will update as more details become available.



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