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A Day at Wadi Sabarah

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Crafting a blog about Wadi Sabarah has been a challenging yet rewarding endeavour, as this hidden gem embodies the essence of affordable luxury like no other place I’ve encountered worldwide. From its captivating architecture and the soulful character of the building to the warm hospitality of the staff and the delectable cuisine, Wadi Sabarah stands out as the ultimate escape for everyone—couples, divers, and romantic souls alike.

Wadi Sabarah, Red Sea

Tucked a mere 20 minutes away from Marsa Alam airport along the picturesque southern Red Sea, Wadi Sabarah Lodge and Botanical Gardens beckon travellers into a realm that captures the unique charm both above and beneath the water’s surface.

Sea to Sky

With a commanding view overlooking 700 meters of unspoiled fringing reef, Wadi Sabarah is a masterpiece of thoughtful and distinctive design. Constructed from repurposed fossilized coral limestone, the resort seamlessly merges with its awe-inspiring natural surroundings, creating an ambiance that is both breath-taking and harmonious.

Wadi Sabarah, Red Sea

The Arrival

Arriving at Wadi Sabarah, I transitioned from a short stay at Red Sea Diving Safari by air-conditioned mini-bus. Welcomed at the front door by one of the friendly staff members, the journey into this architectural marvel began. The reception area offered an immediate respite, where I was graciously offered a refreshing drink. The check-in process was hassle-free, involving a simple copy of my passport and a brief form. Soon after, I was escorted to my chosen abode—the Junior suite. Opting for this upgrade on this particular trip allowed me to thoroughly explore and appreciate the variety of room types and facilities, all for a minimal cost difference.

Liquid Diving

Nestled a mere 10 meters from the reception, my room at Wadi Sabarah was nothing short of a revelation. Upon opening the door, I was immediately captivated by the sheer luxury that awaited me—a level of opulence typically associated with a higher price point. The room unfolded into a spacious living area adorned with a well-stocked mini-bar, a chic chaise longue, a comfortable 3-seater sofa, and an inviting armchair. At the far end of this retreat was a king-size bed, impeccably made with the freshest linen, providing a sublime haven of comfort. What truly amazed me was the inclusion of not one but two bathrooms, each exuding an air of sophistication. The first boasted a walk-in shower, two basins, and a toilet, complete with fresh towels and indulgent Wadi Sabarah soaps and toiletries. The second bathroom, located in a separate room, housed a freestanding bath. Stepping onto my veranda, I was greeted by a panoramic view of Wadi Sabarah and the breath-taking Red Sea, complete with a hammock, chairs, and a table for the ultimate relaxation.

Wadi Sabarah, Red Sea

The Culinray Oasis: Tamarisk

A brief stroll upstairs led me to the Tamarisk Restaurant, a culinary oasis where tables adorned the perimeter and a central bar beckoned. As I entered, I encountered Samir (Sam), the amiable owner, and Moustafa, the General Manager, engaged in friendly conversation at the bar. Sam’s passion for both the history of Egypt, evident in the lodge’s design, and the lodge itself was nothing short of breath-taking. Sam is so passionate that there will be a new museum built on site housing Egyptian History artefacts, this will complement the amazing Library that is currently in situ.  Moustafa, the new GM, displayed a wealth of experience that already left its mark on the lodge. The staff, recognizing me by name with utmost respect, created a personalized touch that made my experience exceptional. After Sam’s departure for business in Cairo, I enjoyed my lunch in the wonderful restaurant and surroundings.  The culinary delights at Wadi Sabarah have consistently been outstanding in taste, authenticity, and presentation. Lunch, like dinner, was freshly prepared daily, offering a choice between vegetarian and meat options. My midday feast consisted of a zucchini stew accompanied by a fresh salad, rice, and homemade bread—a perfect blend of flavours that was utterly delicious.

Wadi Sabarah, committed to sustainability, is entirely plastic-free, offering water from Brita Vivreau dispensers, including both still and sparkling options—a thoughtful touch.

Post-Lunch Explorations and facilities

Following lunch and a delightful walkaround with Moustafa, I explored the meticulously maintained infinity pool and the pristine beach. A new jetty and yoga studio, set against the backdrop of the Red Sea, added to the allure. Yoga sessions, held twice daily by Jo, the manageress of Emperor Divers on site, provided an enriching experience.

Wadi Sabarah, Red Sea

Emperor Divers: A dive into excellence

Emperor Divers, a recent addition to Wadi Sabarah, quickly established itself as a positive asset to the overall ambiance. Overseen by Luke and Tracy, who also manage Emperor Egypt, Emperor Divers earned a reputation for professionalism, safety consciousness, and enjoyable diving experiences. Jo, running the daily operations, showcased an impressive knowledge of the Red Sea, providing comprehensive answers to all my queries. The diving centre, equipped for both house reef and boat diving, offered all PADI courses and operated from Port Ghalib, ensuring access to the exceptional reefs of Marsa Alam.

Evening delights and Educational insights

In the evening, Jo presented an enlightening talk on “Cleaning Stations” and the role of the Wrasse, blending entertainment with education. I certainly learnt a lot from her talk and it was really well received by all present.  The communal dinner at Tamarisk Restaurant, featuring a family table for solo travellers, facilitated engaging conversations with individuals of diverse nationalities. A delightful soup, followed by Egyptian beef stew, rice, flatbread, and vegetables, constituted a culinary masterpiece. Dessert, featuring homemade Egyptian pastries, concluded the meal on a sweet note.

Wadi Sabarah, Red Sea

A tranquil goodnight

Post-dinner, I retreated to my room, sinking into the plush comforts of my bed wrapped in soft cotton sheets, marking the end of a blissful day.

Wadi Sabarah, Red Sea

Breakfast Farewell and Departure

The next morning, a traditional Egyptian breakfast awaited me at Tamarisk, featuring felafel, foul, a delightful omelette, and freshly baked pastries. After a few espresso indulgences, it was time to bid farewell. Checkout proved painless and efficient, with heartfelt goodbyes exchanged with Moustafa and the staff. Departing from the hotel by car, I headed to Marsa Alam Airport, cherishing the memories of an extraordinary stay.

For more information, prices, and availability at Wadi Sabarah, please contact us at: https://myseatosky.co.uk



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