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Announcing The State of The Dive Industry (SOTI) 2024 Market Survey

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A benchmarking gauge and a trade “weather forecast” for your dive business activities in 2024: dive centers, instructors, gear manufacturers, training agencies, resorts & more.

Considering the outstanding response to the first-ever State Of The Industry study in 2023, we intend to make SOTI an annual study for the benefit of all dive professionals.

Our goal with this State of The Dive Industry study is to provide you with:

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  • benchmarking gauge to help you: Are you doing better or worse than your peers?
  • business weather forecast: What are the trends in our industry? What product/service markets are growing? Which ones are shrinking? In which geographical regions?

Our intent is also to identify the most pressing issues we should work on solving as a group of professionals and to highlight opportunities for growth in changing markets.

In this second SOTI survey, we need your participation to look at 2023 results compared to the prior year for certifications, travel, and dive gear sales in recreational and tech diving, freediving, snorkeling, and surface-supplied air diving around the world. We will also evaluate expectations/forecasts for 2024.

We will be able to identify trends by comparing this year’s results to those from the SOTI 2023 survey.


Results will be made available to all dive industry stakeholders on Scubanomics. The idea is to help each one of us navigate toward success.

We can remain competitors on different sailboats while contributing to a valuable, accurate weather forecast that none of us could produce in isolation.

Subscribe to be notified when the results become available and to participate in future SOTI studies.

This survey is part of a series of scuba diving surveys by the Business of Diving Institute in collaboration with InDEPTH Magazine with support from DAN EuropeShearwaterGUE, and most importantly, YOU! Thanks for your participation. Let us know if you would like to add your name to the official list of supporters.

All answers are anonymous. We estimate it should take most of you less than 30 minutes to answer this survey. However, local dive shops and dive centers have more questions because they sell all products and services offered in the dive industry. We thank you for your time and commitment to this exciting industry!

Please participate in other dive industry market studies by subscribing and/or checking our list of ongoing surveys.

Business of Diving Institute: January, 2024

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