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Scuba Divers En Route to Gildenburgh Water Save Stricken Pensioner

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Two scuba divers on their way to a diving session, Andrew Lowde and his friend Matthew Harland, played a crucial role in aiding an elderly woman, identified only as Margaret, who had fallen ill in a shop. While at a Co-op store in Whittlesey, Cambs, the divers noticed staff responding to the emergency. Observing the deteriorating condition of the elderly woman, they quickly requested someone to call emergency services (999).

Learning that an ambulance would take a considerable amount of time to arrive, approximately an hour and a half, Andrew and Matthew decided to take action. They retrieved a tank of oxygen from their car, typically used for diving, and returned to administer it to Margaret. Despite lacking formal medical training, their experience in scuba diving, coupled with participation in a life savers course, equipped them with the skills to provide assistance.

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Andrew, a heating and gas engineer from Hemel Hempstead, Herts, described the critical situation, stating that Margaret’s color indicated oxygen deprivation, and her frailty was evident. They engaged in conversation with her to keep her awake and administered oxygen for about 10 minutes, calming her down significantly. By the time paramedics arrived, the woman had shown improvement.

Andrew emphasized the significance of their scuba diving training since 2001 and the life savers course in their ability to respond effectively. Matthew, a self-employed plumber and children’s scuba diving instructor, expressed a desire to reconnect with Margaret, confirming her well-being. Despite not being local to the area, they hoped she was being cared for, especially considering her limited nearby family.

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