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Djibouti’s Top 10 Scuba Diving Sites

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Nestled between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, Djibouti offers scuba divers a mesmerizing underwater playground teeming with marine life and unique topography. From vibrant coral reefs to underwater caves and volcanic formations, the country’s diverse dive sites cater to all levels of divers. In this feature, we explore the top 10 scuba diving sites in Djibouti that promise unforgettable underwater experiences.

Seven Brothers Islands

Renowned as one of Djibouti’s top dive destinations, the Seven Brothers Islands are a group of remote islets with a variety of dive sites. Divers can explore underwater pinnacles, encounter schools of fish, and spot majestic pelagic species, including hammerhead sharks and manta rays.

Sea to Sky

Moucha Island

Just off Djibouti’s coast, Moucha Island offers diverse dive sites with thriving coral reefs and an abundance of marine life. The clear waters provide excellent visibility, and divers can encounter colorful reef fish, turtles, and the occasional passing reef shark.

Ghoubbet el Kharab

Known as the “Gulf of the Devil,” Ghoubbet el Kharab is a volcanic bay with underwater hot springs and unique geological formations. Divers can explore lava tunnels and encounter seahorses, nudibranchs, and other fascinating macro life in this surreal underwater landscape.

Djibouti City Wrecks

Djibouti’s capital is surrounded by several shipwrecks, creating an exciting opportunity for wreck diving enthusiasts. These sunken vessels host a vibrant array of marine life, and the wrecks range from World War II relics to more recent additions, providing a glimpse into the country’s maritime history.

Maskali Island

Located in the Gulf of Tadjoura, Maskali Island offers pristine coral gardens and underwater caves. Divers can navigate through coral arches, encountering colorful reef fish, rays, and the occasional whale shark passing through the nutrient-rich waters.

Arta Beach

Arta Beach is a popular dive site for its accessibility and diverse marine life. Divers can explore the underwater cliffs, encounter schools of barracuda, and witness the resident population of green turtles. The calm conditions make it an ideal location for novice divers.

Djibouti’s Canyon

Aptly named, Djibouti’s Canyon features a dramatic underwater canyon with walls adorned with colorful corals. The site attracts pelagic species, including tuna and sharks, making it a thrilling dive for those seeking encounters with larger marine life.

Ile du Diable (Devil’s Island)

This remote island offers a unique diving experience with underwater caves and swim-throughs. Divers can explore the intricate rock formations and encounter schools of fish, as well as larger pelagic species patrolling the surrounding waters.

Doraleh Wharf

Located near Djibouti’s main port, Doraleh Wharf is home to an impressive array of marine life that has colonized the artificial structures. Divers can explore the nooks and crannies of the wharf, encountering seahorses, pipefish, and various species of reef fish.

Lake Assal

While not a traditional dive site, the opportunity to snorkel or dive in Lake Assal is a unique experience. As one of the saltiest lakes in the world, Lake Assal provides a surreal underwater environment with salt formations and a chance to float effortlessly on the surface.

In conclusion, Djibouti’s top 10 scuba diving sites offer a diverse range of underwater wonders, from vibrant coral reefs to historic wrecks and unique geological formations. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a novice explorer, these sites promise unforgettable encounters with the captivating marine life that thrives in Djibouti’s pristine waters.


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