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Why Are Sturgeon Important to the Environment?

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Explore the importance of sturgeon and their role in maintaining environmental balance. Read here to discover where you can witness these incredible fish.

Have you ever seen a sturgeon? Some people adore these incredible fish and will travel far and wide to see them. Others don’t think twice about these fish. Sturgeon are captivating creatures with an interesting evolution and unique behaviors. Beyond their beauty, sturgeon play a crucial role in maintaining environmental balance. Keep reading to learn why sturgeon are important to the environment and where you can travel to see them.

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Maintain Balance in Aquatic Ecosystems 

Sturgeon are “ecosystem engineers” because they create spaces for other aquatic creatures to thrive. For example, they dig depressions in riverbeds that act as spawning grounds for smaller fish. Sturgeon also eat invasive species that would otherwise disrupt the natural food chain. Without sturgeon, aquatic ecosystems can become imbalanced, and other species could suffer.

Indicate Water Quality 

These large fish are sensitive to changes in water temperature, oxygen levels, and other environmental factors. As a result, sturgeon help us understand water quality. If their populations start to decline in an area, it can signal that there are issues with the water quality. This allows scientists and conservationists to take action to restore the ecosystem before it’s too late.

Contribute to Biodiversity

Sturgeon are ancient fish and contribute to the planet’s biodiversity. Their existence within an ecosystem is often a sign of its good health. By adding to the variety of life forms, sturgeon enrich an ecosystem’s complexity and resilience. The presence of sturgeon positively impacts other aquatic life forms and the overall health of ecosystems.

Traveling To See How Sturgeon Are Important to the Environment 

If you’re interested in seeing sturgeon, you can visit Hells Canyon on the border of Idaho and Oregon. The sturgeon conservation effort in Hells Canyon and the Snake River enables countless people to appreciate these amazing fish. You can even take a guided tour to see them up close! Other places to see sturgeon in the wild include the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada, and the Volga River in Russia.

Sturgeon play an essential role in maintaining the balance of aquatic ecosystems and indicating water quality. They also help us protect the environment. Now that you know why sturgeon are important to the environment, you can appreciate them when you enter their ecosystems.


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