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A1 Auto Transport Boat Shipper Profile: White Glove Boat Shipping

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Want to ship your boat to help you scuba dive on your next adventure?

Are you unsure of how to go about boat shipping what that may entail, and who are the companies that may be able to help you with a large task like boat transport?

Below we’ll go into how to ship a boat and cover A1 Auto Transport, a company that has been helping scuba divers, pilots, and vehicle drivers throughout the world to deliver their vehicles.

Let’s get started.

Who is A1 Auto?

A1 Auto is one of the largest USA-based automobile (and other vehicle) shippers. They have offices all around the world and overseas, and have plenty of staff at the ready to help you or anyone else ship their vehicle.

A1 Auto has been in the business for a few decades. They promise that they uphold their reputation throughout their lifetime in business, and are offering competitive prices in a competitive industry.

In 1988, Tony Taylor, one of the founders, purchased his first tow truck in Watsonville, California. By 1995, they amassed a fleet of 50 auto transport carriers. In 2008, they reached over 500,000 shipments and by 2011, they became cars.com official auto shipper.

And now in 2023, they are one of the leading worldwide auto shippers and are ready to help you ship any boat, plane, ATV, or heavy equipment that is required. 

Owner Tony Taylor states: “Many auto shipping companies do not work legitimately and are a stain on the industry. We have gone to many lengths by documenting all of our licenses and proof of legitimacy. If the transport company you’re working with does offer to show you their documents, then steer clear otherwise you may be working with an unlicensed and illegal operation.”

How Does A1 Auto Ship Boats?

A1 Auto offers many different services for boat shipping. They can help you shrink-wrap your boat if necessary to reduce any damage or moisture that could harm the inside of your boat. They also offer roll-on, and roll-off shipping, which means that your vehicle will be driven onto a ship with an attached trailer.

They also offer overland transport, which means they will help you transport your boat to any port in the US or internationally. If you need your boat shipped across the country, they also offer interstate delivery.

What’s also great is if you travel overseas, they offer international boat transportation and understand the intricacies of shipping delicate objects like a boat, which can be easily damaged by an untrained operator.

With so many different types and sizes of boats, it can be daunting to ship your boat yourself. That being said, you can always rely on a reliable transportation service. Whether you have a yacht, a small boat, or a kayak that needs to be relocated, A1 Auto Transport can help. 

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Boat?

If you’re moving an 11-foot boat, it will cost around $740 to move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. If you’re going from San Diego to Dallas, it will take around 4-6 days and will be around $3740.

If you’re going from Miami to Denver, it will cost around $5680 and take around 6-8 days. If you’re going from San Jose to Miami, it will cost $8440 and take around 7-9 days. Remember, these prices are only estimates and are only for an 11-foot boat. 

Do be aware that shipping times are normally given in a range of days, so if you’re awaiting your boat for a special day at your destination, plan ahead of time or keep it in storage and ship it earlier, so your boat is there for your adventure. 


A1 Auto Transport has carved a niche for itself in the realm of vehicle shipping, with a particular emphasis on boat transportation. With decades of experience, a commitment to legitimacy, and a breadth of services designed to cater to all sizes and types of boats, A1 Auto showcases its unparalleled expertise. 

Their history, beginning with a single tow truck and evolving into a leading global auto shipper, speaks volumes about their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Offering both domestic and international transportation options, they’ve demystified the complexities of shipping, especially for delicate items like boats. Their transparent pricing structures provide potential clients with a clear understanding of the costs, ensuring there are no hidden surprises. 

For adventurers awaiting their next scuba diving experience or just sail across the waters, timely planning with A1 Auto Transport guarantees a smooth journey for both the boat and its owner. The words of founder Tony Taylor resonate strongly – in an industry marred by dubious players, A1 Auto’s transparent and legitimate operations stand out, ensuring peace of mind for every customer.


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