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From Dive Gear to Green Gear: Recycled Wetsuits Transforming Lives

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In a heartwarming blend of eco-consciousness and charity, Diveheart’s adaptive scuba therapy programs are making waves by harnessing the power of recycled wetsuits. This innovative initiative not only aids children, veterans, and individuals with disabilities but also takes a significant step towards sustainability.

The journey begins when old, worn-out wetsuits find a new purpose at Lava Rubber, a recycling facility nestled in the scenic landscapes of New Jersey. Here, these tired diving companions are reborn as versatile coasters, soothing yoga mats, and inviting welcome mats. It’s a remarkable transformation that breathes new life into these discarded materials, diverting them from the dreaded fate of landfills.

Sea to Sky

So, the next time you slip into your wetsuit for an underwater adventure, remember that it’s not just a gear change; it’s a chance to make a positive impact, one recycled wetsuit at a time. Diveheart and Lava Rubber are not only fostering a love for the deep blue but also leaving a lasting imprint on our planet.

Learn more about Diveheart at: https://www.diveheart.org and watch a great video of the recycling journey at: https://fb.watch/nsddrLuAh2/



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