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Explore Saudi Arabia With These Liveaboard Deals

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Saudi Arabia, a land of hidden underwater treasures, invites you to explore its pristine dive sites. We’ve uncovered exclusive liveaboard dive offers that will take you on an extraordinary journey through Saudi Arabia’s mesmerizing dive destinations. From the Farasan Banks to the Red Sea’s wonders, these deals are your ticket to uncovering the secrets of Saudi Arabian waters.

Almonda Departure: 11 Nov 2023 Price: from €827.00

Join Almonda on an unforgettable adventure to the Farasan Banks. With a generous 20% discount, this is your opportunity to dive into the crystal-clear waters and discover the untouched beauty of Saudi Arabia’s underwater world.

Saudi Arabia is a rising star in the world of diving, and the Farasan Banks offer a unique opportunity to explore a less-traveled part of the Red Sea. These reefs and islands are home to a rich variety of marine life, from colorful coral gardens to elusive pelagic species.

Don’t miss your chance to be among the pioneering divers who explore this hidden gem. The Farasan Banks, located near Al-Lith, promise exciting encounters and unforgettable underwater experiences. With Almonda, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into this uncharted territory and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book now and embark on a dive adventure like no other in Saudi Arabia!

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