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Historic Shipwrecks and Rescues on Lake Michigan

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Historic Shipwrecks and Rescues on Lake Michigan
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Facing the fury and danger of Lake Michigan.

Written by Michael Passwater.

Lake Michigan has been the site of thousands of shipwreck rescues and tragedies since French explorers first laid eyes on it. As mishaps and disasters became more common, a dedicated service of lifesavers emerged. These brave servicemen saved those on board the merchant schooner Havanna from certain death. The daring St. Joseph Lifesavers rescued the City of Duluth’s crew and passengers. Unfortunately, not all rescues result in heroism, as was the case with the doomed Arab, which went down with two other ships.

The book is well-researched and gives in-depth accounts of twelve of Lake Michigan’s most dramatic shipwreck rescues. The author has selected some exciting and tragic lesser known stories that deserved to be revisited. All twelve wrecks involved US Life Saving Service crews and the accounts tell their stories as well as those of the shipwrecks.

Each chapter has its own detailed bibliography and the author has done a great deal of original research in the archival news accounts as well as USLSS annual reports.

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Historic Shipwrecks and Rescues on Lake Michigan is available on Amazon.


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