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Tragic Boat Capsizing in Lake Near Philippine Capital Leaves Dozens Feared Dead

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Around 30 passengers are feared dead, and approximately 40 have been rescued after a small boat capsized in a lake near the Philippine capital, as reported by the Philippine News Agency.

The incident occurred at approximately 1 am near Barangay Kalinawan in Binangonan when the motorized boat, MBCA Princess Aya, encountered strong winds. The sudden battering of winds caused panic among the passengers, prompting many to rush to the port side of the boat, ultimately leading to its tragic capsizing, according to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).

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The rescue operation was launched immediately after the accident, with the PCG and other authorities working tirelessly to locate survivors and recover bodies. However, the exact number of individuals rescued and casualties is yet to be finalized as the search and rescue operations continue in the area.

The Philippine government expressed deep sorrow over the tragedy and has pledged full support to the affected families during this difficult time. An investigation into the cause of the capsizing will be conducted to ascertain whether any safety violations or negligence were involved.

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Local communities are coming together to provide aid and comfort to the families affected by the boat accident, and various support groups and humanitarian organizations are offering their assistance to help survivors cope with the aftermath.



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