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Kayla Martin Talk’s Presents: “Three Different Dive Sites”

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Kayla Martin
Photo via Facebook

Kayla Martin is very excited to be presenting “3 Different Times” about her diving experiences with shipwrecks at the Port Colborne Marine Museum on July 29th.

Registration and tickets are not required, but RVSPs are requested to ensure adequate seating. Please RSVP by calling (905) 835-2900 ext. 550 or emailing fallon.gervais@portcolborne.ca.

About Kayla Martin

Kayla Martin is a recent Wilfred Laurier University BSc Water Science and Environmental Health graduate. She began diving at the age of thirteen and has logged hundreds of dives exploring historic shipwrecks and beautiful coral reefs.

Kayla is involved in Great Lakes conservation and education. She researches invasive species and methods to prevent and control their spread into water bodies, particularly inland lakes and rivers. She most recently worked for Parks Canada in the Rouge National Urban Park Drinking Water Quality Program, where she helped tenants transition from bottled water to healthy tap water. Her research focuses on our interactions with water, the environmental impacts of water use, and strategies for achieving sustainability for future generations. She is currently working as a Research Assistant for the Wetlands Hydrology Research Group at the University of Waterloo, investigating peatlands in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region.

Kayla hopes to inspire the next generation of divers with her passion for diving and all things water-related. She has spoken at diving conventions all over North America, including the prestigious Our World Underwater film festival in Chicago and the Niagara Divers Association Shipwrecks Show. She is an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQ community and has organized and taken part in “Women’s Day of Diving” activities to encourage women of all ages and abilities to explore the underwater world. Kayla is a spokesperson for a number of Canadian marine conservation organizations. She works with Save Our Shipwrecks (SOS) to promote the preservation of historic shipwrecks and low-impact diving, and the Ontario Marine Heritage Committee to document submerged historical sites. She is the Niagara Divers Association’s Membership Director.

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