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Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Raja Ampat and Northeast Indonesia

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Raja Ampat

This is a beautifully illustrated, expanded and updated edition of the Diving & Snorkeling Guide to Raja Ampat & Northeast Indonesia.

Exploring among these islands at the edge of the Pacific Ocean is a life affirming, bucket-list-topping experience. The waters in this part of the Coral Triangle are abundantly rich in marine life and are proving to be the gift for underwater adventurers that keeps on giving.

Raja Ampat is the superstar destination, but other areas such as Cenderawasih Bay, Triton Bay and Southwest Halmahera are shining brightly too and acquiring similarly mythical status.

This detailed and informative guide is the first to cover all of these incredible places! It tells and shows you what to expect from this remote, fascinating and often downright astonishing part of the world. It will help you plan your trip, enhance your experience when you get there and provide you with the best possible souvenir of your visit.

And once you have been there, it will whet your appetite for adventures ahead – because you WILL be back!

The Diving & Snorkeling Guide to Raja Ampat & Northeast Indonesia 2019 includes:

  • Over 100 Dive & Snorkel Sites
  • 240 color images
  • Travel advice
  • Dive safety tips
  • Topside attractions
  • Diving terms in Indonesian

Chris Mitchell from www.divehappy.com says “A wonderfully thorough but concise guide that helps you quickly get a grip on exactly where all the best fishy action is located, both before the trip and while you’re out on the ocean, Don’t dive Indo without it!”

Available in Kindle and Paperback Editions

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