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The Scranton Pump

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After months of filming across the country to reveal the secrets of multiple lakes, bodies of water, flooded places and forgotten wrecks, Mario Cyr and Samuel Côté return to us for a second season of Secrets of the Deep, colorful and full of discoveries.

One of the episodes is related to the Empire Limestone Quarry operation at Sherkston Quarry – a flooded place! While filming that episode the team was able to visit a carefully reconstructed pump that had been removed from the quarry in the mid 1960’s by divers. At that time, the divers had taken it apart underwater lifting each piece out. In that condition the pieces sat in a store room for over twenty years. When the owners of the quarry were preparing to sell the quarry they decided to deliver all the pieces of the pump to the Niagara Steam Enthusiasts group that had a facility not too far from the Quarry.

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Members of this group, without any plans, prepped all the pieces and reassembled it to actual working condition-a remarkable feat. They have maintained the pump at their facility since the mid 1980’s. It is huge!

The Scranton Pump
Photo Credit: David Gilchrist

Thanks to David Gilchrist for the submission of this article and video/pictures.

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