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3 Awesome Ways To Spend Your Last College Spring Break

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For most people, their last year of college is the last spring break they’ll ever have. Learn some awesome ways to spend that spring break now.

There are few things in life as iconic as college spring break. This is when you get to party with friends, travel, and enjoy a much-needed break from academic life. Unfortunately, there are only four spring breaks for traditional college students studying for bachelor’s degrees. That means you must make every spring breakcount, especially your last one. If you’re looking for awesome ways to spend that final college break, we can help. Keep reading to get some ideas.

Learn a Unique Skill

Obviously, we think that learning how to scuba dive or another unique, adventurous skill is a great way to spend your last spring break. There are scuba diving classes all over the country, so no matter where you are, you can start scuba diving during the break. Depending on your location, you may even get to scuba dive in the ocean or another natural body of water at the end of your lessons.

While you could wait to learn a skill like this later in life, few working adults have the time to dedicate an entire week to learning a new adventure skill. Use your last college spring break wisely and try scuba diving.

Take a Road Trip

For those who’d rather expand their horizons than their skillset, taking a road trip is an excellent way to enjoy spring break. You can travel solo, enjoying the journey more than the destination, or plan a group trip with a specific destination in mind. Many people like to road trip through the southern U.S. to enjoy the various terrains and classic southern hospitality, ending up in incredible cities where they can have fun on a budget. 

Nashville, TN, Jekyll Island, GA, and New Orleans, LA, are three cities you can visit on a budget. New Orleans is arguably the most popular destination since it’s close to the water and has lots to do, but any of those cities is a fun, affordable choice.

Travel Abroad

If money isn’t holding you back, traveling abroad is an awesome way to spend your last college spring break. There are various options for international travel, such as helping a humanitarian organization provide foreign aid or booking a cruise with your closest friends. Choose the option that best fits what you hope to get from this last hurrah.

People who already know how to scuba dive or like to participate in other adventurous activities, such as zip lining, may want to choose destinations that allow them to use those skills. Belize is a great destination for both in the spring. Australia has excellent scuba diving locations, and New Zealand has great zip-lining options, so you can also make a trip out of visiting those two countries.

Spring break is a time for relaxation and fun. For some people, that means learning a new skill they can use for a lifetime. Others prefer to spend their time traveling. However you spend your last college spring break, make sure you’re making the most of it with the people you love.


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