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4 Fun Activities To Try While Beach Camping

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The time we spend camping introduces new opportunities. Here are some activities to try when camping at the beach and spending time along the water.

The unique setting of the beach offers visitors a view of the water and the feel of the sand. And when you decide to camp at the beach, you may want to partake in numerous activities to have a fun time during your waterside stay.


The wide expanse of water you normally find spreading from the beach is ideal for kayaking. Kayaking is a great way to experience the waves in the comfort of an aquatic craft. 

The breeze along the waves will feel refreshing, and the workout you get from paddling will feel even better when you return to shore. A sea kayak is the ideal choice for this fun activity. When transporting your kayak and gear to the beach, you’ll need to tie your items to your roof rack correctly. Make sure you carry everything safely by securing your gear!


You’ll need to remain mindful of the weather, but if the wind and water permit it, surfing is a fun activity to try while beach camping. Paddling out into the water and waiting for a wave is a great way to get active. When the time comes and the waves grow large enough, you’ll have fun riding over the water as the waves carry you forward on your board. Surfing is a nice mixture of fun and relaxation as you prop yourself up on your board, exercise, and enjoy the natural scenery around you. 

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is your best option when you want to explore reef beds and other life below the water’s surface. Set up your gear at your camp and find a good location for diving. The location where you take the plunge may be at the edge of a cliff or out in the open waters that you may reach by boat. But regardless, you’ll need a safe spot free of structures underneath, such as rocks or sand mounds. 

Bringing a camera with your scuba gear will allow you to take pictures so you have memories of this fun experience on your beach camping trip. Scuba diving is a great hobby and an exciting pastime that will allow you to explore underwater marine life.


On the days when the sun is shining and you have friends to play with, a volleyball game is a fun way to burn some time. The beach is one of the best places to play volleyball since the ground is soft and will cushion the impact of someone diving to pass the ball. The open area of the beach will also make a great space for the net and ensure the ball has space to fly.

Camping on the beach is a unique experience that comes with activities to do on the water and sandy landscapes. The next time you go beach camping, try some of these activities to have more fun on your waterside adventure.


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