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Dive Instructor Academy Teams up with Scuba Dive Online

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We’re thrilled to announce a new flexible way of completing your PADI IDC with KAI by incorporating the very exciting and innovative online platform offered by SCUBA DIVE ONLINE.

The PADI Instructor Development Program usually takes about 2 weeks to complete and if you ad travel time it is quite normal for candidates to have to take up to 3 weeks off work to complete the program.

Dive Instructor Academy

This is where SCUBA DIVE ONLINE comes in, by giving live lectures, (not pre-recorded videos) at a time and schedule that suits you via an online classroom. There are seven, 3 hour online sessions, where one of the SCUBA DIVE ONLINE course directors goes through the material that you would normally complete in a classroom session with me. Additionally, there is a day where you cover the Emergency First Aid instructor knowledge review.

What does this mean for your IDC? It means that you can cut the time away from home and the required time to be physically present at the dive centre to complete your IDC to about half. This is a new and exciting option for those candidates that are short on time and can’t afford to be away from home for longer periods.

Yes, we still will offer our original programs where all the training is done onsite for those who prefer this option 

Is the training just as good? Yes it is, the online training is conducted by one of four very experienced PADI Course Directors covering all the same material I would in a traditional classroom session:

For more information about our traditional IDC programs or the SCUBA DIVE ONLINE version please visit www.diveinstructor.com.au 


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