We Have No Water to Waste

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Recently, a giant American corporation, Blue Triton, was granted permission to extract and bottle billions of litres of groundwater from Ontario.

Blue Triton, formerly Nestlé, would have enough groundwater to fill as many as 14  billion  plastic bottles.  Laid end to end, those bottles would stretch 5.6 million kilometres – enough to circle the globe 70 times. 

This is unacceptable. Water is a human right – not a commodity to be bought and sold.  

It’s time to stop Big Water from wasting our precious resources for profit.

Become a Public Water Champion

The Council of Canadians is ramping up our campaign against Big Water, and we need your support again.

Take the pledge today never to use commercial bottled water. Become a Public Water Champion by boycotting all bottled water.

About Council of Canadians:


Advocate for a society built on democracy, justice and care for each other. We believe we can learn from the perspectives and struggles of others as we work together for a more just world.

The Council of Canadians believes we all do better when:

  • We expand and improve our public services and social programs.
  • We ensure access to clean water is a human right and stop water privatization.
  • Our governments work for people and not for corporations or the wealthiest 1%.
  • Everyone lives with dignity and respect, and systems of oppression such as racism and colonization are dismantled.

We Do This By:

Bringing people together to take collective action and build grassroots community power as we work for a just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. With our members, supporters and chapter activists, we learn, organize and act together as we fight for clean water, fair trade, strengthened public health care, climate justice and democracy.


Learn more at: https://canadians.org/



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