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Statement from Josh Laughren, Oceana Canada’s Executive Director, Regarding the Renewed Canada’s Oceans Protection Plan

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Oceana Canada supports the federal government’s announcement of $2 billion for Canada’s Ocean Protection Plan. The oceans are the life support system of the planet. If invested wisely, this funding provides an opportunity to protect and safeguard the oceans.

We encourage the government to enhance ocean protection and resiliency by focusing on rebuilding depleted fish populations, to improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of supply chains by implementing a boat-to-plate traceability system for seafood, and to better manage marine traffic by creating permanent protection for whales including endangered North Atlantic right whales.

We further encourage collaboration with Indigenous Peoples to transform the way Canada approaches fisheries, bringing together all perspectives as part of the continued commitment to reconciliation. 

For more information or to arrange an interview with Josh Laughren, please contact:

Angela Pinzon, Pilot PMR, angela.pinzon@pilotpmr.com, 647-295-0517
Jennifer Whyte, Oceana Canada, jwhyte@oceana.ca, 647-860-6003

About Oceana Canada

Oceana Canada was established as an independent charity in 2015 and is part of the largest international advocacy group dedicated solely to ocean conservation. Oceana Canada has successfully campaigned to end the shark fin trade, make rebuilding depleted fish populations the law, improve the way fisheries are managed and protect marine habitat. We work with civil society, academics, fishers, Indigenous Peoples and the federal government to return Canada’s formerly vibrant oceans to health and abundance. By restoring Canada’s oceans, we can strengthen our communities, reap greater economic and nutritional benefits and protect our future. Find out more at www.oceana.ca.


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About Author

Oceana Canada seeks to make our oceans as rich, healthy and abundant as they once were. Canada has the world's longest coastline and is responsible for 2.76 million square kilometers of ocean. This real estate makes Canada one of the world’s major fishing nations, catching 1.1 million metric tons of fish each year, or 1.6 per cent of the world’s wild fish catch by weight, and consistently ranking within the top 25 fish-producing countries in the world. But even with these high yields, Canadian fisheries are performing below their full potential. Fortunately, we know how to fix things. Science-based fishery management – which establishes science-based catch limits, reduces bycatch and protects habitat — is helping the oceans rebound and recover where it is established. Oceana Canada campaigns for national policies that rebuild fisheries and return Canada’s formerly vibrant oceans to health; reduce the harvesting of depleted fisheries; and avoid impacts to other species. We also work to protect key habitat for fish to breed and grow to maturity. Our campaigns address increasing fisheries management transparency and paving the way to recovery for Canada’s depleted fish populations.

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