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Books: Deco for Divers by Mark Powell

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Anyone interested in decompression theory, especially technical dives, should acquire this book. Mark Powell is a well-known technical diving instructor who has compiled what is perhaps the most complete resource on decompression theory written in a way that divers can understand.

Deco for Divers

Ocean Quest is well-versed in the decompression theory and physiology mentioned in Mark’s book, and we are delighted to help our customers grasp some of the knowledge.

Sea to Sky

The 2nd Edition has been completely updated and improved. Deco for Divers is a complete explanation of the decompression theory and physiology principles. Mark Powell has written a book that helps the common diver to completely comprehend the principles behind this intriguing and important component of diving for the first time. In addition to a thorough discussion of air decompression, the book also covers nitrox and mixed gas decompression. It’s entirely up to date, including details on the most recent advances, such as deep stops and complex bubble models. Deco for Dives fills the gap between introductory books and expert scientific journals, and is appropriate for both new and seasoned divers.

Thanks to Liquid Diving for this book suggestion.

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