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Introducing The Canadian Chapter of the Explorers Club

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“There are two kinds of explorers. Canadian Chapter explorers… and those who wish they were Canadian Chapter explorers!”

Jett Britnell FI’16 – Canadian Chapter Chair (2022 – 20??)

Of course, we make this bold declaration with tongue-in-cheek… but Canuck explorers truly do rock! Although, what explorer worth their compass would not want to be a noble member of the The Explorers Club Norway Chapter? I know, I would. But, I dream of a brighter day when the Norway Chapter loudly proclaims… “If you can’t be an explorer in the Norway Chapter… the Canadian Chapter is the next best thing!”

Jett Britnell

The Explorer’s Club is an international multidisciplinary professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research and the belief that the instinct to explore must be preserved. The Club acts as a meeting place and unifying force for explorers and scientists all over the world. We have approximately 3,500 members worldwide, represent every continent, and have members in more than 60 countries, with 34 chapters worldwide.

Leaders in polar exploration, diving, aerospace exploration, archaeology, zoology, physics, oceanography, astronomy, ecology, geology, paleontology, conservation mountaineering, and speleology are among the Club’s members. The Club has giants of twentieth-century exploration among its members; its current and future members are poised to leave humanity a similar legacy of discovery and achievement in the twenty-first century.

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Explorers Club Canada
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Canada is our home and native land, and we adore it when people refer to us as the “Great White North!” It is a wonderful country in so many ways. Our members endeavour to explore and map it all… as well as other, far-flung, remote corners on this third stone from the sun. Canadian modern-day explorers aren’t stuck in the sepia-tinged past of human exploration. Members of our chapter are still actively engaged in field research, scientific and geographical exploration, conservation, and participation in “beyond here be dragons” worthy expeditions, which allow us to preserve the instinct to explore while also uniting us with like-minded souls in a new era of discovery.

Learn more at: https://www.explorersclub.ca/about-us/



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