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Dive Pirates Head to Key Largo to Help Others Unleash Their Inner Pirate

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Sharing Adaptive Scuba Diving with 7 New Recipients, Foundation Invites You to Come Along

Celebrating its 18th year of providing adaptive scuba diving to injured military, first responders and others who have lost some of their mobility, the Dive Pirates Foundation introduces its 2022 recipients and welcomes others to experience this life-changing dive trip, themed ‘Unleash Your Inner Pirate.’

“We are closing the availability of this trip by Friday, May 20, and have a few spots available, so we’d like to invite others in the diving community to join us for a week of sharing diving with people who appreciate the mobility of the water more than you know,” said Foundation President Tyler Brandes. 

“For those of our recipients who served in the military, this is a way to say thank you for your service and that we appreciate your adventurous spirit,” he continued. “Our civilian recipients and volunteers who come on this trip play a vital role in building that community of people learning to live again after a life-changing event that altered the way they now navigate the world.”

“Each recipient is helping fund his or her adventure through their fundraising pages below, and we ask you to learn more about them, and share these pages with your friends and families to help them unleash that inner pirate, celebrating these amazing people who have persevered.”

The trip runs June 19-24, 2022 with four full days of diving. For all the details to register or to consider a trip sponsorship click here.

2022 Dive Pirate Recipients:  


Former TSgt. Melissa Nueva, USAF:  https://divepirates.org/donations/melissa-nueva/

Former Staff Sgt. Scott Dunckel, US Army:   https://divepirates.org/donations/scott-dunckel/

Former Cpl. Jason Kelley, USMC:  https://divepirates.org/donations/jason-kelley/

Retired Sgt. Josh Hamilton:  https://divepirates.org/donations/josh-hamilton/

Retired Captain Dr. Karen Atkinson, US Army:  https://divepirates.org/donations/dr-karen-atkinson/


Sean Conroy:  https://divepirates.org/donations/sean-conroy/

Jennifer Radil Hayes: https://divepirates.org/donations/jennifer-radil/

The Dive Pirates Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, positively impacts the lives of its recipients; injured military, first responders, law enforcement and others with mobile disabilities, by welcoming them into adaptive scuba diving which fosters accomplishment, self-worth and community. The Foundation trains, equips and conducts dive trips year-round to calm, warm-water locations for the safety of those with spinal cord injuries, networking with facilities willing to empower all participants with compassion and adaptation for a positive experience diving, team building and networking. 

For more information visit DivePirates.org


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