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Scuba Diving the Rockport Wall, Ontario

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Scuba diving the Rockport Wall is an advanced dive as the depth is approximately 230 feet. (70 meters)

This wall dive, located in Rockport, Ontario can be done as a shore dive after obtaining permission from the nearby the restaurant to dive off their pier, or as a boat dive where your attended boat drifts alongside you. Because you can go as deep as you want in very easy levels, this wall is a favourite check out site for advanced dive courses.

You may also take a short boat journey from Rockport to two additional fantastic wall dives. A nice wall dive further upstream can reach depths of nearly 200 feet. You may, however, see the shelf formations that make up the wall formations and witness some of the local fish life.

You may enjoy a long drift dive across the water along the coasts of Club Island while watching the wall slide by while your boat floats beside you. The majority of divers will end up at a calm bay, where the boat will be waiting to pick them up.

Rockport, Ontario, in the center of the 1000 Islands, is a must-see. Take a cruise, use the marinas’ services, visit our local stores and artisans, and grab a bite to eat.

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