Scuba Diving the SS Prince Regent in Kingston, Ontario

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On November 21, 2021, Chris Haslip and a dive buddy went on a shallow water dive with scooters to see the SS Prince Regent. The site can be reached via Arrowhead Beach, which is located off CFB Kingston in Deadmans Bay.

During the War of 1812, the 56-gun British vessel HMS Prince Regent served on Lake Ontario. The Prince Regent was launched on April 14, 1814, from the Kingston Royal Naval Dockyard in Kingston, Upper Canada. The Prince Regent, a fourth-rate frigate, took part in the Raid on Fort Oswego in 1814. On December 9, 1814, the frigate was renamed HMS Kingston after the War of 1812. Following the Rush-Bagot Treaty, which demilitarised all of the lakes along the US-Canada boundary, the vessel was placed in reserve in 1817. After being abandoned in 1832, the ship failed to find a buyer and sank at Deadman Bay off the coast of Kingston.

Prince Regent
Photo Credit: Chris Haslip

Dive Report

It’s not a deep dive (maximum depth of 10 feet), but we used scooters and spent 30 minutes in the water. We dove wet, as is customary in Canada. I was in a 5mm wetsuit and my buddy used a 7mm wetsuit. We took a lot of video because the visibility is improving. The water temperature was 49 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chris Haslip
Prince Regent
Photo Credit: Chris Haslip

Christ and Dan Haslip operate Explorer Diving just off the 401 on Highway 15 near Kingston, Ontario.

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