The Perfect Spot for Seafolk

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A visit to Rapscallions is nothing short of a breath of fresh air in a city full of bars and restaurants. I must admit that initially the concept of a themed pirate bar didn’t appeal in case it was cheesy and gawdy.


I had to get down there to see it for myself. At first sight I was nothing short of impressed. The music was great, the menus were fantastic, wooden, with the logo carved delicately in. Drinks being served all around me in smoking treasure chests and parrot glasses. It was easy to slip into the experience and really embrace the fun of it all. The bar looked like an actual ship with rope hanging and beautiful rum bottles adorning the shelves. It really has been done so well and the atmosphere is on point.


My days of remembering this venue as the Wave Maiden seemed long ago and there was no sadness about that pub that I so loved being gone, only excitement that it had been replaced with this quirky and awesome new hangout. In a city of sea folk and sailors it feels like the perfect spot. The sea moments away, the salty air in your lungs as you march up Osbourne Road. It has all the ingredients to work and it does in every way.

People were laughing and having fun and the staff were friendly and over welcoming. The menu serving pirate treats including Man’ O’ War burgers, Privateers pork bites and The Krakens Minions appeals to all tastes. As a sea dweller myself I immediately thought of various people I would like to bring here to share the vibe. To me a bar/restaurant should do that, it should leave you wanting to come back with friends.


The diver, navy, sailor community in Portsmouth is enormous and so this venue offers absolute charm and respect for what our city has going for it. You sit wanting to shout ridiculous piratey things at your friends and the owners have created that and encouraged it. Glancing around at the smaller details mean you spot fish tail door knockers and pirate hats drapped on warm flickering lamps.

Well done Rapscallions. You were quite the evening out.



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