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Introducing Cold Water Diver

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To be a “Cold Water Diver” is to find peace amongst your uncomfortable anxiety and embrace the challenges presented in such a foreign environment. Those individuals who identify as such, have achieved great confidence and are committed to exploring past what is known.

Coldwaterdiver.ca aims to be a beacon. To not only guide divers to new locations but also to instill a sense of community. A sense of pride for the strength we all share and to inspire a deeper passion for the most important thing in our lives. In fact the most important for life itself. The Ocean. United by our passion.

Sea to Sky

Cold Water Diver
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About the Creator Robert Borthwick

I have been living on the island now for 4 years. I started instructing at Frank Whites Dive Store within the first week and I instantly fell in love with the area. Shore diving in a drysuit was nothing like what I had ever experienced. My passion is not only to dive new interesting sites but also to help build a stronger community of divers. I have since moved on to a different career path but I remain an avid Cold Water Diver. Diving recreationally has allowed me the opportunity to explore even further.

Learn more at: https://www.coldwaterdiver.ca/


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Kathy is the owner of Kirk Scuba Gear, a passionate Scuba Diver, Ocean Advocate and Managing Editor of The Scuba News Canada

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