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Halifax, Nova Scotia’s, Great White Shark

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While diving off of Chebucto Head, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dr. Chris Harvey and his dive companion, Michael Schwinghamer, encountered a great white shark sighting this week. The shark made three passes by them and they decided to exit the area immediately.

Chebucto Head, the peninsula’s most easterly point, is used to designate the southwestern border of Halifax Harbour; historically known to the Mi’kmaq Nation as “Jipugtug,” (anglicized as “Chebucto”), which means “Largest Harbour,” or simply “The Huge Harbour.”

According to Michael Schwinghamer, he has had the impression of a sighting a few times this summer while diving on locations. The “big stuff” enjoys hunting up and down the slopes. On Facebook, John Stone of East Coast Scuba and Watersports stated that visibility is low in the top 30′, due to unseasonably warm water into November and a large number of schooling bait fish. John has seen a lot of huge animals at this location, but no great whites, but times could be changing for the future.

Hunter Stevens has contacted dive businesses and is distributing information to divers via social media. His advice is to stay away from the bay openings. He went on to say that great whites had been spotted in the area, but that interactions with them are extremely rare. Avoid seal populations, and diving at dusk or early in the morning. When diving, don’t be afraid, but stay within your boundaries and use your best judgement.

Enjoy this Podcast by Mainstreet NS with Jeff Douglas @ the CBC



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