Fancy a Brew? Podcast (Series 2 Episode 19) – Talking to Chris Lemons

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Chris reveals loads of details about how the film (The Last Breath) came about, how it was made, what happened before, during and after the incident. He also tells about the impact it has had on himself his family and his colleagues.

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About Author

Andy is the host of "Are you a diver, fancy a brew?" podcast which speaks to more and lesser known divers that interest him. Those with personality and a tale or message to tell. I’m less interested in those that have been on every show because we have all heard them 100’s of times but there are some real good people out there trying to do good things and I want to have a brew and get to know them, hopefully learning something at the same time. I pride myself on the research and post production that I see other podcasters miss out on. 10,000 downloads for season 1.

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