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Introducing the G6 from Light Dude

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The G6 diving light is the newest dive light from Light Dude.

Key Primary Light Features

  • Upgrade path design
  • Custom Piezo switch
  • Latch less system
  • Sealed Exterior Charging System (SECS)
  • Primary light low battery warning
  • Three Power Settings
  • Interchangeable components, industry leading versatility
  • Redundant sealing throughout the entire light
  • Custom optics designed for underwater
  • Custom battery packs
  • LED over heat protection
  • Piezo cover
  • Small, compact, & light weight
  • UN/DOT 38.3 Certified
  • Optimize cooling design for LED’s on all models
  • Braided cord cover
  • Industry leading warranty & service
  • In house engineering & design
Light Dude
Image copyright Light Dude

We are serious divers at Light Dude, and we manufacture serious lights. Our crew puts our goods to the test in caves and deep wrecks to guarantee they operate well and last.

Our design philosophy emphasizes innovation, and we don’t believe in selling something only to make a profit. We try to do things smarter, better, and stronger. We are happy to be an American company, and we produce all of our lights here.

Our staff is diverse, joined together by a shared love of diving and a commitment to excellence.

Learn more at: https://uwlightdude.com/products/primary-lights/


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