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Have You Experienced Cenote Diving?

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On the Riviera Maya, Mexico, there are located several famous Cenotes. These are underground bodies of water, which are enormously popular for both snorkeling and diving.

They are famous for their crystal clear waters, natural formations, and also for the religious and symbolic meaning they had for the pre-Columbian Mayans. Chac Mool meaning “Jaguar’s Claw” is one of these Cenotes ideal for diving through its mysterious caverns. Walk down a stone staircase through the jungle into its turquoise blue waters. 

We access the water through two openings. There is “Kukulkan” Cenote, which on sunny days provides a magnificent wall of light beams stretching along its outer wall. And then there is “Little Brother” Cenote, from which you will dive along Chac Mools otherworldy green-hued waters into an air dome. In here you can relax peacefully in the silence surrounded by stunning stalactites, accompanied by the roots of the trees and observed only by small bats that have managed to enter through a small hole in the ceiling.  Chac Mool is also one of the caverns which features a halocline, where salt and fresh water come together and creating stunning visual effects. 

With its big rooms and a maximum depth of 12 meters/36 feet, is a perfect place for novice cavern divers. And its stunning beauty still brings back even the most advanced.  

As mentioned, Cenotes are not only for Scuba Diving, obviously. There are several mindboggling Cenotes that are really great for snorkeling, too! For the non-diver, we offer several different excursions to snorkel the Cenotes

Also, for mixed groups, we are able to accomodate the part diver, part snorkeler group (or couples)  and introduce them on a same tour where we can dive and snorkel, so a combined experience can be enjoyed for both. Who said that divers and snorkelers cannot go on a tour together? Certainly, not us! 😉

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