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Dubai Goes Deep – Experience The World’s Deepest Pool

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Located in Nad Al Sheba, 15 minutes from downtown Dubai, Deep Dive Dubai now claims to be the “world’s deepest and largest underwater attraction”.

Boasting a record-breaking depth of 60 meters, this underwater attraction allows novices to explore in the safety of a controlled diving environment. Filled with 14 million liters of warm water, it opens up new adventures for experienced divers and thrill-seekers who want to go deeper and explore further.

Deep Dive Dubai website

Set to open at some point during July 2021, Deep Dive Dubai certainly looks like there will be lots to see and do in this mammoth underwater attraction. In addition to “out of the water” activities for non divers, including restaurants and viewing locations.

Sea to Sky

Key Figures of Deep Dive Dubai

  • Constant, Year Round 30 Degrees Celsius Water Temperature
  • 14 Million Litres of Water
  • 56 Cameras

Where Will It End

Competition seems to keep pushing the boundaries of how deep people can make a swimming people. What began with Y-40 in Italy at 42.15m, followed by Deepspot in Poland at 45.4m. There is currently a project to bring a 50m pool to Cornwall in the UK (Blue Abyss) but construction is yet to begin. This now leaves Deep Dive Dubai claiming the record at 60m.

Deep Dive Dubai


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