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Travelling with a Purpose: Latina Debuts Podcast to Support Underrepresented Voices in Travel

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Mindful travel goes way beyond meditation and yoga—it’s a meaningful form of planning that involves selecting accommodations, experiences, and opportunities that are respectful of the planet, cultures, and people —going past the surface. 

In today’s ever changing society, it has become increasingly important to be mindful of how we live our lives and interact with others. When people travel, intentions seem particularly focused on leisure or business initiatives for the most part. Just a small percentage of our society actually travels with a larger purpose in mind – helping others.

There are amazing individuals out there who dedicate their lives to using travel as a tool to cause a positive impact, but so many of their voices and actions seem to be cast in the shadows – it is evident that if people were more exposed to the astonishing initiatives that others are doing everywhere, our society would grow to be more inclusive, mindful, and purposeful. 

Kristin Quiroz Bayona, Founder of Explorer in You, commented: “I first launched my blog in late 2019 – however, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that I decided to launch my podcast – From the start, I looked to connect with people from different backgrounds and listen to their personal experiences to address a lack of inclusiveness and mindfulness in the travel space. My podcast continues to be highly focused on sharing and amplifying these incredible voices that are consistently underrepresented in the industry.” 

Explorer in You just finished producing its latest episode featuring Adrienne Jordan, a female African American who consistently contributes to NatGeo, Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, and other travel focused publications. On this exclusive episode, she comments on her personal experiences surrounding travel and shares insights about her unique experience with Diving with a Purpose – a non-profit whose special focus is on the protection, documentation and interpretation of African slave trade shipwrecks and the maritime history and culture of African Americans.

Episode is set to go live on June 9th and can be accessed explorerinyou.com/podcast.

More episodes will go live twice a month.


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