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Fancy a Brew? Podcast (Series 2 Episode 12) – Talking to Kristen Fassolas aka the Scuba Fitness Coach

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Kristen Fassolas aka the Scuba Fitness Coach about the pitfalls of fitness training, how to motivate yourself to start and ways to improve your fitness to dive. 

Kristen is a Master Scuba Diver and a qualified Personal Trainer, working in the fitness industry for eight years. She started scuba diving in 2006 in preparation for a year travelling around the world so she could explore as much as possible and over the years she has experienced diving in warm, tropical, calm seas too rough seas and cold lakes with zero visibility.

Sea to Sky

It was due to some of the more challenging dives and having witnessed some divers struggle physically in certain conditions which led her to combine her experience and knowledge as a diver with her expertise as a fitness coach to help others be fit for diving so they can be safer divers and get as much enjoyment as possible out of the sport they love.

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Andy is the host of "Are you a diver, fancy a brew?" podcast which speaks to more and lesser known divers that interest him. Those with personality and a tale or message to tell. I’m less interested in those that have been on every show because we have all heard them 100’s of times but there are some real good people out there trying to do good things and I want to have a brew and get to know them, hopefully learning something at the same time. I pride myself on the research and post production that I see other podcasters miss out on. 10,000 downloads for season 1.

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