Ocean Quest’s Annual Remembrance Day Tribute

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“No person has ever served at sea without knowing that each day could be their last and no one would even know where at sea they lay.”

The Last Watch

Newfoundland’s Ocean Quest Adventures was proud to pay tribute to the seaman who served on board the Bell Island Shipwrecks on 11 November, like every year, and honour all veterans everywhere. This year’s turn-out and their friendship with Funky Junk who provided a plaque for this year doubly delighted them. It was undoubtedly a marvellous day to recall.

On the PLM 27 wreck site, a memorial sign created by Funky Junk was placed on Remembrance Day to honour those who perished. As a result of torpedo hits by German submarines creeping into Conception Bay during WW2, PLM 27 was one of four vessels sunk off Bell Island. On November 2, 1942, two months after Saganaga and Lord Strathcona, and on the same night as Rose Castle, PLM 27 went down both hit by torpedoes fired by the U-518 German submarine. In a matter of minutes, Rose Castle and PLM were struck almost simultaneously and sunk. 65 sailors from around the world were killed.

Ocean Quest
Photo Credit: Ocean Quest/Facebook

Out of the four World War II Bell Island Shipwrecks, the PLM-27 is the shallowest. It is easiest to access, offers the longest bottom times, and is ideal for all divers’ levels. It’s the only shipwreck on Bell Island to have an intact propeller and it gets the most light, providing unbelievable photo opportunities.

Ocean Quest
Photo Credit: Ocean Quest/Facebook

After the dive and the placement of the sign, those on the Remembrance Day dive visited Lance Cove, about 500 metres from the PLM 27, a little too far to swim to, according to Johnny Olivero of Ocean Quest to visit Seaman’s Memorial and pay their respects.

Learn more about Ocean Quest at: https://www.oceanquestadventures.com/



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