Edmund Fitzgerald to the Rescue

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A mooring rope from Edmund Fitzgerald has a special significance for Ray and Joyce Sloman of Grand Bend, Ontario.

In July 1975, when they lost their bearings and were running low on gasoline, Ray and Joyce were cruising across Lake Huron with another watercraft. With it being close to darkness and rough water, they sent a distress signal and the Edmund Fitzgerald answered. The Fitzgerald threw them a mooring rope, towed them and handed them off to the Coast Guard. Joyce says they are alive today because of the Fitzgerald. Ray says there is kinship amongst all water vessels and that includes going to someone’s rescue if required.

Captain Ernest M. McSorley of the Fitzgerald did not want any recognition or mention of their assistance. The Fitzgerald continued on its journey. Great Lake freighters are often on a time frame to reach their destination. However as we all know, the Edmund Fitzgerald did not reach its destination on November 10, 1975.



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