Oceanic Whitetip Shark Incident Causes Serious Injuries in the Red Sea

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Two Ukrainian tourists and their dive guide were injured this week following an incident with an Oceanic Whitetip shark in the Ras Mohammed Area of the Egyptian Red Sea.

The tourists were part of a snorkelling group visiting Ras Mohammed National Park from Sharm El Sheikh according to an official statement from the Ministry of the Environment.

Local reports and the official statement suggest that the shark had bitten a young boy, and this caused the group to climb onto the reef, but the shark returned to the group a second time as they were being pulled back to their boat. It is understood that the boy lost an arm, the snorkel guide lost a leg but the boy’s mother had less severe injuries.

A video has also been posted online by Cruise Director, Adel El Beialy of an Oceanic White Tip spotted on Monday and whilst this group were safe, the shark was displaying small signs of aggression, including nibbling at the ladders of the zodiac.

As a result of the incident, Ras Mohammed National Park will be closed to tourists from 28th October 2020 until further notice whilst authorities assess the situation.



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