Introducing: AquaSub Scuba Diving Centre Inc

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Jessica & Norbert Pietkiewicz started AquaSub from the ground up in 2002 with the first location on Bayview Avenue. It was and still is their passion for scuba diving that is the heart of AquaSub. 

Since 2002 they’ve grown AquaSub from a small dive shop into a successful PADI 5 star Instructor Development facility. Along the way, they’ve met lots of wonderful people and introduced more than 12,000 people to the exciting world of scuba.


In July of 2018, Jessica retired from the shop and Tyler joined as Norbert’s new partner. Jessica will continue to teach a variety of scuba training courses with AquaSub but will be spending her well earned time off sailing.

What we’re all about…

We’re all about getting wet. Whether it’s scuba diving, snorkelling or stand up paddle boarding – we love it! Who wouldn’t enjoy a sport where you get to wear tight rubber and look like a super hero? Boring people, that’s who. So don’t be boring, have fun, try new things, travel and explore.

Group scuba diving vacations

Not only do we like to get wet locally but we do it all around the world. We put together groups of people who like wearing super hero suits and blowing bubbles to visit Cuba, Bahamas, Bonaire, Philippines, Cayman Islands all the time. You can come too – check out our group scuba vacations.

Scuba gear and snorkeling gear

Now you will need to get your own superhero suit and you’re in luck because we have a dive shop stocked full of wetsuits, scuba and snorkeling gear. We can help you look good in the water. After all, if you don’t look good the fish won’t want to swim with you. Whether you’re looking for a snorkeling mask or a full set of scuba diving gear, we’ve got what you need. Drop into our dive shop located in Richmond Hill, just a short drive from Toronto or shop online.

Scuba diving lessons and certification

Need to learn how to blow bubbles? No problem. We have bubble blowing classes every weekend. Some call them scuba lessons. This is where your adventure will begin – learning to scuba dive. Your instructor will show you how to get strapped into your gear, how it all works and lots of cool important skills. 

As a PADI 5 star instructor development facility we can take you all the way up the chain to scuba instructor. Your official job title at this point will be a professional bubble blower. 

Stand Up Paddleboard Sales, Rentals and Lessons

We are all about water and offer fun and adventure above as well as below the surface. We have a selection of inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUP!) for sale and for rent and we even have both group and private lessons available.

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