Little Manitou Lake’s buoyancy may encourage non-swimmers

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If you think you lack buoyancy and fear drowning there is a lake in Saskatchewan that likely will keep you afloat.

It is called Little Manitou and its magic is via a mineral density three times more salty than the ocean. It is just more than 100 kilometres southeast of Saskatoon, which is one of the largest cities in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It may help non-swimmers to overcome their fears.

With more than 100,000 lakes in the province, Little Manitou stands alone as probably the best in protecting non-swimmers from drowning. Its density is unique in the western hemisphere. Little Manitou’s salt enables swimmers to float on their backs. Its salinity is half that of the Dead Sea.

Receding glaciers gouged out the lake, which is fed by underground springs with a high content of sodium, magnesium and potassium. Some people believe the lake’s water can cure small pox and other diseases. One local resident says the lake’s water healed an infection in her leg. Some doctors recommend mineral waters.

Given the water’s buoyancy, perhaps more weight might be needed to dive the deep.



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