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Three New Product Lines from Scubagaskets

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In the effort of constant development, ScubaGakets launches 3 new product lines of very specialized Scuba O-Rings along with 14 new hard to find scuba O-ring sizes like the small o-ring for APEKS regulator (1,7mm x 1,00mm ).

1) Viton FKM -Green O-rings suitable for 100% Oxygen

scubagaskets-02-05-17Not all Viton O-rings are equal and more to that, not all Viton  O-Rings are suitable for 100% Oxygen gas. As for example  Nitrox black,blue ,brown  or even green  O-rings that are designed for Nitrox up to EAN 50  in no case can be used for pure 100% Oxygen gas.

For that applications  (100% oxygen environments) you must be 100% sure that the O-ring you are using  is made for this job and will not ignite of even produce  any kind of fumes !

Only special  VITON-FKM  Scuba O-Rings are suitable for those applications. The price is double than the Nitrox Viton O-Rings thats why they are sold in pack of 50 or even 10 O-rings per pack.

By choosing O-rings from Scubagaskets you get the original product with quality guarantied by Europe seals Holland !


2) Scubapro Service kits

scubagaskets-02-05-17Another new product line that scubagaskets launched, is the product category  regarding Scubapro service kits. 16 new scubapro O-ring service kits for first and second stage are now available for sale at a fairly reasonable price. http://scubagaskets.com/product-category/o-ring-service-kits-for-scubapro/

3) O-Rings for diving computers

scubagaskets-02-05-17Since the O-rings for diving computers was so successful scubagaskets is moving on  to other brands apart from Suunto . The next O-ring will be the Aeris F10 http://scubagaskets.com/product-category/o-rings-diving-computers/

Scuba Gaskets ships to all destinations keeping the free  delivery practice as a constant offer to all its customers and  supporters.



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