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Kinghorn resting 400 feet off Rockport Ontario shore a popular dive site

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The Kinghorn, a barge carrying a cargo of wheat to Montreal, sank on April 27, 1897 during a storm on the St. Lawrence River. While 120 years have passed since the sinking it remains an accessible dive site. It is resting in 90 feet of water in front of the Rockport, Ontario dock. The wreck is 400 feet from shore. The Kinghorn, along with six other barges, were being towed by a tug named the Hiram Walker.

While it is accessible, there are safety concerns that must be met. Divers are urged not to surface swim to the ship’s location because of busy boat traffic, particularly in the summer months. At the same time divers are not recommended to swim underwater to the location if they are carrying just a single tank because of gas requirements for the dive.

The ship’s wheel remains but its anchor was stolen in 1997. A plaque has been placed on the site by Save Our Shipwrecks Ontario. The Kinghorn had been resting on 16 small concrete blocks near the stern but is now on a large block near the bow.

Published on Mar 10, 2017 on YouTube, by Terry Irvine: The river was ice free for a Winter Carnival scooter run to the Kinghorn. Excellent visibility, but cold water.
Video PARTICIANTS: Terry Irvine and Greg Hilliard of Fullytek dive charters.
Video by Terry Irvine


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