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We are a British Columbia based, ocean focused video production company, offering a personal service that can bring to life your ideas, from concept through to shooting and editing. We shoot above and below the waves, making compelling and original promotional videos, product videos, destination videos, event videos or our trademark minimentaries (they’re just like documentaries, but minier!). Check out our Vimeo and YouTube pages for more videos. 

About Videographers:

Trisha Stovel


Trisha Stovel. Image courtesy of Seaproof.tv

Sea to Sky

“Diving is all about excitement, adventure, attitude, and atmosphere. My passion is capturing that for others.”
I specialize in videoing marine life, from sharks and rays all the way through to little nudibranchs, tiny hermit crabs, and divers interacting with the underwater realm.  Video can be a powerful and effective way to communicate.  I shoot product videos, destination videos, and most enjoy working with divers as models topside and underwater.  I’m at home in cold water, but travel the world diving in warm tropical seas and occasional mountain lakes.

I grew up in Toronto, and it wasn’t until I moved to British Columbia that I began to dive in 2003. I became an instructor 7 years later, and have worked in the dive industry ever since as an instructor and underwater videographer.

For me, diving is a way to be around wildlife in a unique way. I decided early on that video was the perfect way to capture behaviours and interactions amongst marine life, and especially how divers interact with the ocean environment. It’s what I love to do.

Liquid Diving

I’ve worked on projects for Canon, Tourism BC, manufacturer AUP, training agency Performance Freediving International, and shot the first underwater video for a Discovery segment on the HMCS Annapolis. I’ve had additional work published in DIVER magazine and Scuba Diver Life.
I am a PADI and SDI Instructor, NSS-CDS Cave Diver, and have over 1500 dives from around the world.

I have experience as a Diving Safety Officer, teaching the scientific diving program in BC, have worked as a hyperbaric chamber tender, and given talks at dive shows and high schools. I worked with a team of divers as part of a clearance team after the sinking of an artificial reef, also shooting topside and underwater video for a forthcoming documentary.

I co-founded Seaproof.tv, a young company that produces a variety of videos for the diving industry including our ‘Minimentaries’.

I am keen to explore as much of our underwater world as possible, documenting it and sharing the adventures, hopefully inspiring others.

  • Co-Director at Seaproof.tv
  • Freelance Underwater Videographer at batgirldiver.com
  • Director and production for promotional videos: Cetatek, Lavacore, Sea Dragon Charters, Pacific Pro Dive and Marine Adventures, DIABC, TourismBC, Canon
  • Writing, Photography, and Videography for DIVER Magazine

Russell Clark


Russel Clark. Image courtesy of Seaaproof.tv

My background is newspapers, magazines and eventually, pioneering digital and iPad publishing in London. Film and video have always been where my heart lay, and after I started diving , all the pieces of the puzzle came together. My love for publishing continues as Editor of DIVER magazine, and through the marketing design work we do at Seaproof.tv. We work with ocean related companies to get more people interested in our seas. We look for interesting, intriguing projects, and new challenges.

  • Launch of SeaproofTV
  • Editor and Art Director of DIVER magazine
  • Editor and Art Director Award winning iPad magazine for Disney’s Tron: Legacy movie
  • Founder and Creative Director of five star rated iPad magazine Earth Periodical
  • iTunes number one iPad magazine for Dennis Publishing’s iGIZMO
  • Top 20 iPad magazine for Sir David Attenborough’s Flying Monsters 3D movie
  • Adobe Max Awards Honorable Mention for Flying Monsters, Digital Publishing category
  • Art Director of British Society of Magazine Editors award winning online magazine iGIZMO
  • Art Director of the first multi platform digital magazine in the world; iGIZMO
  • Pioneer of UK interactive magazines for as long as they have been going
  • Expert in digital publishing production as well as design ethics for interactive publications
  • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite teaching, as well as written tutorials for MacUser magazine
  • Adobe Advocate and part of early software testing group for InDesign and DPS
  • Lecturer on interactive magazines at International Slovenian Advertising Festival and Simon Fraser University, BC
  • Lead judge for fours year at the international Digital Magazine Awards
  • Editor of now closed interactive magazine website MagDesigner
  • Prize winning photographer, with work shown in London, Montreal, France, Vancouver


Learn more at: http://www.seaproof.tv/



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Kathy is the owner of Kirk Scuba Gear, a passionate Scuba Diver, Ocean Advocate and Managing Editor of The Scuba News Canada

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