14 year old Indigo Bolandrini reaches 400 dives

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At only 14 years and 2 weeks old, Indigo Bolandrini also World’s Most experienced Junior Diver, has hit 400 dives despite only having been diving for 2 years and still attending school daily.

So far Indigo has managed to achieve the following:

  • Become a Junior Master Scuba Diver
  • Become the World’s Youngest Sidemount Diver
  • Gain 25 certification
  • Become 1 of only 3 kids to be certified by PADI as an OCEAN REEF comms and IDM Diver
  • Attend Ahmed Gabr’s Guinness World Record
  • Become the first child to dive the Rosalie Möller wreck
  • Become sponsored by DIVE MEDIA and The Scuba News
  • (Still Pending) Attempt a Guinness World Record for the longest open water dive by a child
  • Achieve 400 dives whilst still going to school and doing homework


“It has been an absolutely amazing journey, and just because I’m not flying around the world diving here and there with TV crew following me, doesn’t mean I can’t have fun or be proud of myself. Diving is diving and I am proud of myself and happy just the way I am here in Egypt. I think other kids should always have the chance to try diving whether they live in the freezing UK or in sunny Egypt. I would like to use Harrison Giles-Mainprize as an example. He doesn’t fly around the World to dive, he just uses the water he can in the UK whether it be raining and cold or not. Thank you for the support, I couldn’t have made it without my amazing instructors, my dive club and of course you guys!”

Indigo Bolandrini

Learn more about Indigo at http://www.indigobolandrini.com



About Author

13 year old Indigo from London, currently resides in El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt and is one of the worlds youngest Junior Master Scuba Divers and youngest qualified sidemount diver. Learn more at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/indigo-bolandrini/

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