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Five Dive Sites that Take Your Breath Away

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There are plenty of magnificent dive sites in the world, but if you were to choose five underwater destinations to explore before you die, which spots would be in your bucket list? I came up with my own list below based on marine life, visibility, history, and dive experience.

  • Cape Kri – Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Cape Kri is a must-dive site because of its rich and astounding marine life. Apart from its colorful coral garden, you can see sharks, barracudas, manta rays and trevallies here. When Dr. Gerald Allen, an internationally renowned ichthyologist visited the reef in 2012, he spotted 374 different species of fish.

  • Barracuda Point – Sipadan Island

Located off the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia, Sipadan is a favorite destination among experienced divers who want a close encounter with a large school of barracudas, sea turtles, and white tip reef sharks. Divers have to experience the 800-meter drop off, an exciting challenge that made the site even more popular.

  • Blue Corner – Palau, Micronesia

Blue Corner on the island of Palau is well-loved for the diversity of its marine life. Jacks, snappers, barracudas, giant groupers, sharks—these are just five of the sea animals that await divers. Current can be strong and so it is not for the faint of heart. With its constant water temperature throughout the year, divers can take a plunge anytime they want.

  1. Thistlegorm – Egyptian Red Sea

Diving the Thistlegorm wreck is hitting two birds at the same time—traveling through time and exploring marine life. Thistlegorm was a cargo ship loaded with motorbikes, trucks and vehicle spare parts. Bombed by German bombers, it sank in 1941 and has been an interesting underwater museum for over 70 years.

  • Shark & Yolanda Reefs – Egyptian Red Sea

Shark and Yolanda reefs are well-preserved dive spots in Ras Mohammed national park. Good drop-off point is Anemone City, a site teeming with clownfish and anemones. Divers then move to the two reefs to see a variety of fish species and remnants of the Yolanda cargo. You can see toilet bowls, pipes and sinks scattered on the seabed. Current is good for drift diving.

Do you also have these dive spots in your bucket list? If not, where would you love to scuba dive? I have added five more dive sites in this post, feel free to check it out.



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