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Mark Scott’s “Diving Vietnam” SSI Center Status Terminated

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You may remember that we posted a video recently which showed some disgusting behaviour towards marine life by a so called “Dive Professional” in Vietnam.

If you didn’t see the video you can watch it here (or at the bottom of this post)

Sea to Sky

This is just one of a few videos of this diving instructor causing stress and discomfort to marine life, with the implication that this is totally acceptable behaviour. This is bad for 2 reasons – obviously this kind of interaction with marine life is something which I not only hate but which is not great for the marine ecosystems. The second reason is the practice that this teaches new divers and students. It creates the impression that this is OK, which clearly it isn’t.

We are being told today that after being reported to SSI (the training agency used by Diving Vietnam), the agency have selected to terminate their association with Diving Vietnam, who will no longer be able to represent themselves as an SSI Training Center or facility.

Liquid Diving

We will try to confirm the veracity of this news over the course of the day and will keep you updated. This is great news however and will ensure that these kind of barbaric practices will no longer be taught to new divers at this facility.

The Original Video



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