Have You Ever Been Diving With Tekdeep? You Could Become A Member of The Tekdeep Family!

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If you have ever been diving with us, if you have joined us on safari or you have completed a course with us at Tekdeep, you will know that we do things a little bit differently than most diving facilities. For us you are not just a diver or a student but a member of the family. It doesn’t matter if you have joined us in the UK, in Egypt or in Asia, the Tekdeep philosophy is the same. We are proud to count you as a member of the family.

If you are as proud to be a member of the #TekdeepFamily as we are to have you then we would love to see your #TekdeepFamily photos.

If you have a photo which shows any of the following, we would love to share it!

  • You with a member of the Tekdeep Team (Instructor or Support Staff)
  • You diving with a member of the Tekdeep Team
  • You wearing any Tekdeep branded clothing
  • You using any equipment which carries Tekdeep branding
  • You enjoying a dinner or small alcoholic beverage with a member of the Tekdeep Team (Instructor or Support Staff)

Simply click here to share your #TekdeepFamily photo

If you don’t want to submit a photo then simply add the hashtag #TekdeepFamily to your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram and we will “like” and share our favourites :)



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A course with Tekdeep is about more than gaining a certification. Our aim is to not simply teach the basics of the course you are undertaking but to ensure you have a full understanding of the skills, the equipment, the diving physiology and that you leave with a greater appreciation for all aspects of technical diving

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