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John Bali

My name is John Bali, and I am totally addicted to scuba diving. I got my open water certification in July of 2012 at Rocky Mountain Diving Center in Lakewood, Colorado and I since then, I haven’t been able to stop diving. Honestly, water is in my blood and I am a true adventure seeker. Learn more at:

My Dive Into the Highest Named Lake in the United States


The Journey It began the morning of September 7th 2013, my attempt to being the first person to scuba dive the highest named lake in the Continental United States; Pacific Tarn Lake, 13,420 feet above sea level. We arrived before dawn to Spruce Creek Trail-head. My destination was less than 2,400 feet above us, but little did I know how far away that would soon seem. Leaving the trail-head, I adjusted my backpack for the last time and began my journey alongside my hiking partner, Mike Renner. Mike packed light for his personal journey, while I hauled 62 pounds of…