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Equipment News Air Buddy

AirBuddy – Changing the Face of Tankless Diving

A group of Australian divers are changing the world of tankless diving by introducing the AirBuddy. This portable system offers up to 45 minutes of dive time for one diver up to 12 metres of depth and is both lightweight and small; consisting of just a battery-powered air compressor, a regulator and hose. The 12-volt battery takes 3.5 hours to charge using a standard electrical socket.

Environmental News Sustainable Coastlines

Charity launches campaign for New Zealand’s most sustainable building

Imagine beaches that are free from rubbish, healthy rivers that we can swim in, and people everywhere who are inspired to look after the places we love. This is the vision of non-profit group Sustainable Coastlines. The charity recently launched a crowd-funding campaign to help complete The Flagship Education Centre – a unique and ambitious re-locatable building planned for Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter, and they need your help.