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Best Of: New Zealand’s North Island

New Zealand is known for its wilderness areas on land but it is also home to 36 marine reserves and a spectacular array of dive sites. With accessible coastlines and hundreds of offshore islands, there are opportunities to dive wrecks, subtropical reefs, explore arches and dive within kelp forests, to name but a few. It is also possible to dive with rays and sharks, given that 26 species of ray and 113 species of shark have been recorded in New Zealand waters. There is something suitable for all dive preferences and abilities and here are our top picks of diving the North Island.

Environmental News eel-feeding-24-11-16

New Zealand’s Amazing Longfin Eels

The waters of New Zealand are home to a number of colourful moray eel species and conger eels, which can be dived with in places such as the Poor Knights marine reserve in Northland. Spending time with eels isn’t restricted to scuba diving though, as the land of the long white cloud is also home to the Longfin eel; a freshwater species only found in New Zealand and declining in numbers.

Community News Sperm Whales

Sperm whales sighted off Kaikoura post-earthquake

It is with much relief we share the news that five sperm whales have been sighted by Whale Watch Kaikoura just six days after the 7.8 magnitude earthquakes that impacted Kaikoura and surrounds heavily. Whilst Whale Watch are currently closed for business, a short press release on their website shows their evident joy at the whales’ return to the area:

Environmental News kiribati-shark-sanctuary

Kiribati creates large shark sanctuary

Kiribati, an island nation in the central Pacific Ocean, is committed to protecting their waters from overfishing and have recently announced they have established a large shark sanctuary. The sanctuary is approximately the size of India and commercial shark fishing is banned within it


A Wedding in The Scuba News Family

I would like all of our readers to join me in congratulating Kathryn, Managing Editor of The Scuba News New Zealand, who should have by now (not sure of the time difference with NZ), married her “man of the sea” Nicholas Curzon.